Basic Notions

The first course aims at introducing the basic concept of PD, while giving the essential elements to build your first synthesizer. A particular attention is given for patch clarity and simplicity. You can find:

  • basic notions to begin
  • presentation of oscillators
  • additive synthesis
  • filters
  • amplifiers
  • keyboard control
  • subpatches

PDF associated to this course Here

Used zipped patches Here

Advanced Notions

The second course presents deeper technics to build more complicated patches and get new sounds. You can find:

  • technics to normalize the signal
  • amplitude modulation
  • ring modulation
  • the frequency modulation
  • building a step sequencer
  • read a soundfile
  • write a soundfile
  • building of a kick drum with presets
  • courses about externals (given by P. Esling)

PDF associated to this course Here

Used zipped patches Here


The goal of this assignment is to compose an entire track only using Pure Data. It must last less than 15 minutes and has no restriction regarding the genre.

You must provide a .wav or .mp3 of your creation alongside with all the patches and samples you used to make it. You can attach a README.txt if necessary.

No post-processing, mixing or mastering are allowed unless you attach a README.txt explaining your method and why you felt the need to do that. A raw track must be provided as well.

No Max MSP allowed but any creative experiment will be valued.

Full subject Here


Here are examples of tracks made by my students in accordance with the subject.