Basic Notions

The first course aims at introducing the basic concepts of Ableton, while giving the essential elements to make your first track. You can find:

  • Basic notions to begin
  • The presentation of audio tracks
  • A dive into the audio effects and particularly Eq and Compressor
  • The presentation of the arrangement view
  • How to export your track

PDF associated to this course Here

Download here the samples you can use during this course Here

Advanced Notions

The second course presents deeper technics to compose your music. You can find:

  • A presentation of Midi Tracks
  • Explanation of the Midi Effects
  • Recording and Resampling
  • Some mixing concepts

PDF associated to this course Here


The artistic theme of this year is: Time

The goal of this assignment is to compose an entire track using Ableton. It must last less than 15 minutes and has no restriction regarding the genre.

You must provide a .wav of your creation alongside with the ableton project and all the samples you used to make it. You should attach a README.txt if you want to introduce your artistic intention.

Any creative experiment will be valued.

Full subject Here