I am a PhD student and Research Engineer deeply engaged in advancing the field of deep learning within music. My academic research is conducted at IRCAM where I am part of the ACIDS research group under the Analysis Synthesis Team. Learn more about my work here.

Alongside my research, I teach courses on Ableton and Pure Data for the ATIAM Master’s program. You can explore some of the innovative projects by my students on SoundCloud.

Additionally, I have taken on the role of Research Engineer at Native Instruments within the Audio Research Team, focusing on applying deep learning techniques to develop cutting-edge music technology solutions.

Research Focus

My research revolves around the following key areas:

  1. Real-time Neural Audio Synthesis: Exploring the potentials of deep generative models for real-time audio synthesis, my aim is to create innovative and expressive methods that harmoniously blend human creativity with deep generation.

  2. Interactive Musical Instruments with Model Controls: I am committed to developing interactive musical instruments that incorporate model controls powered by artificial intelligence. This approach empowers musicians to explore novel sonic landscapes, expanding the horizons of musical creativity.

  3. Interface Design & Embedding into Hardware Synthesizers: My focus lies in user-friendly interface design and seamless integration of technology into hardware synthesizers. This enhances the musician’s experience and strengthens the musical process.

  4. Reflective Study on AI’s Artistic Applications and Interviews with Artists: Through reflective exploration, I investigate the artistic applications of artificial intelligence in music. Engaging in insightful interviews with talented artists, I seek to understand the impact of technology on artistic expression.

Website Sections

On this website, you will find the following sections:

  • Introduction: An overview of my research projects and interests.
  • Publications, Conferences, and Seminars: Details about my academic contributions and presentations.
  • Main Projects: Information about the key projects I have been involved in.
  • Pedagogical Material: Access to course materials for the courses I teach.

Electronic Music

Beyond my academic pursuits, I find my inspiration in the realm of electronic music, constantly exploring new horizons of sound and melody. I believe that creativity flourishes when shared, and I would be delighted to engage in any collaborative endeavors in my field.

Contact information

Ninon Devis c/o IRCAM
1, Place Igor Stravinsky
F-75004 Paris, France

Research Engineer - Native Instruments Teacher - University Paris 6 - UPMC
PhD - AI applied to music

Master - Acoustics, Signal Processing and Informatics
Analysis Synthesis team